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About the website:

The rheola.com website has been constructed with the aim of making information available about Rheola, its history and the local area.

Prior to this sites creation, references to Rheola and its history were not as predominant on the internet or as easy to find. Hopefully this site, as it expands, will improve the knowledge about Rheola for anybody who search for it or help those who wish to expand it.

Much of the historical information, facts, notes, dates and such have come from the book “History of Rheola” complied by Ronald Leslie Carless, published by Back To Rheola Committee. (The book is available from the Inglewood Historical Society http://inglewood.vic.au/historical-society/books)  Other information has been found on the internet and, hopefully, links are available within the website referencing the source material.

If there is information, photos or pictures on this website that are incorrect, inappropriate or has content that you do not wish to have displayed please contact us and we will happily help in rectifying the content.


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 2014 rheola hall fence

Outside Rheola Hall and Recreation Reserve looking north. 2014

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