Rheola Cemetery

In 1872 five acres was reserved for cemetery purposes and was opened on July 12th. Prior to the opening of the Berlin Cemetery, burials took place at Kingower.

Parish: Kingower

phoca thumb l rheola cementry 02

 Rheola Cementry 2014

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Rheola Cementry 2014

Further information at Australian Cemeteries website (http://www.australiancemeteries.com/vic/loddon/rheola.htm) and Carol's Headstone Photographs (http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ausvsac/Rheola.htm).

refencing 1854?? http://docs.health.vic.gov.au/docs/doc/1CF154A84FFA54BFCA257D7A0014C5B7/$FILE/In%20Memoriam%20FINAL%20OCT%202014-s.pdf


Memorials Around Rheola

1946 the Rheola School was granted permission to create a Soldiers Memorial Plantation opposite the school. 1968 a granite memorial cairn was created.

July 3, 1951. Decision to erect a Memorial Gate at the front of the Rheola Hall.

phoca thumb l rheola memorial 01

Memorial Gate located in front of the Rheola Hall


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 Rheola Granite Memorial Cairns

 Granite Memorial Cairn (Photo taken 2014)

The Granite Memorial Cairn was unveiled in 1968 by Mr R S King, Federal Member for Wimmera.  Located in the Rheola School Soldiers Memorial Plantation opposite the old Rheola School site. (West side of Rheola on the Dunolly-Wedderburn Road)

Plaque read: Erected In Honour Of Those Who Served In 1914-18 and 1939-45 Wars





 Information from "History of Rheola" by Ronald Leslie Carless




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